Support Us

"Truthfully, if there were no music, there would be more reasons to go mad."  (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
If you have been touched by our music, believe in our vision, and share our desire to grow and improve, we encourage you to help us in whatever way you can.  Below are several suggestions; and for more information on these or any other ideas you may have, call or email Steven Vaughan, the Director of Music Ministry.  Your gift, large or small, will be immediately acknowledged and is 100% tax-deductible, since Immaculate Heart of Mary Church is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit
Make A Contribution
Your one-time contribution of any amount may be given in check, cash, or... Or, become a "member" of our music ministry by pledging a weekly or monthly amount to be applied directly to the Music Budget! 
[How do we execute this?  Can this be set up through ParishPay?]
Buy A Gift
Want to give us something we want, but that we don't have the funds for right now?  Items purchased from our Wish List at either or will automatically be shipped to us!  Or, if you already have music or an instrument you wish to donate, just ask if it's something we would have use for.  And a non-cash gift-in-kind is still tax deductible!
blah, blah - include somewhere the plea for a Swell Pedal
Planned Giving
If you're looking for an opportunity to leave a legacy or make your mark, why not provide for us in your will, or make us a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account?  Regardless of your age or income, you can maximize the tax benefits of your charitable giving; and your deferred generosity ensures music will continue to delight future generations!

Endow A Scholarship Award
Interested in encouraging music appreciation to the younger generation of our parish?  We can create guidelines to award a music student with a merit-based stipend named either for yourself or someone you wish to honor.  Even a small amount of generosity not only rewards their efforts, but supports their music education; and invests in both their future and ours. 

Help Us Share Our Ministry 

Invite your friends and relatives to come hear us!  Encourage other musicians you know to join us, whether it's just once for a special occasion or a regular thing!  Ask a person or business you know to support us!  If you're hosting an event, sponsor us to provide special music!  Share this website with others so they can read our weekly post! 
Pray For Us
What better way is there to offer support than including us in your prayers?