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Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever. (June Masters Bacher, author)
Music at your ceremony should help those gathered give thanks to God for your love. It should also reflect your relationship with God as you now become a couple. It’s more than a decoration – it's an integral part like the prayers and readings.

Because it's a liturgical celebration of a sacrament, the music requirements are the same as those for any Mass, explained on our Music Planning page. Does it draw the guests more deeply into the holy things being celebrated?

There are several parts of the liturgy you may choose music for, listed to the right... Click on the links to listen to some suggestions. If your families are multi-cultural or you want to honor your cultural heritage, there's a page for that as well. Of course, these suggestions aren't a definitive list, so if some other song has special meaning to you, please request it!

The services of Steven Vaughan, the Director of Music Ministry, are included in the donation you've paid to Immaculate Heart of Mary for your ceremony . (Please get in touch with him at least one month prior to your wedding.)

The rehearsal you schedule with the church is for the members of your wedding party, not for musicians. However, a musical rehearsal may be scheduled for an extra fee.
Introductory Rites
An instrumental solo to put guests into the spirit of reverent joy.
An organ march or hymn as the wedding party enters.

Liturgy of the Word
Responsorial Psalm
Gospel Acclamation
Choose both of these when you select your readings.

Other Alternative Elements in the Ceremony
Presentation of Flowers to Mary
Unity Candle
These are optional, but if you include either of these symbols, select an instrumental or vocal solo.

Liturgy of the Eucharist (only if celebrated during Mass)
Preparation of Gifts 
hymn or vocal solo while the bread and wine are brought forward to the altar.
Communion Song
Another hymn or vocal solo as your guests receive Communion.

Concluding Rite
An organ march, this time loud, “with all the stops out”!