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"What a tragedy if we lived in a world where music was not taught to children!" (General H. Norman Schwarzkopf)

Making music is simply the marriage of tuneful thinking and physiological awareness. Young children must be taught to “catch” a tune or rhythm and then reproduce it harmoniously, just as they are taught how to catch a ball. Once they learn to do this, they will be on their way to a lifetime of both making and appreciating music more enjoyably.

Music augments their cognitive, physical and social development. Regularly exploring songs, chants, movement and rhythm increases language development, coordination, body awareness and self-confidence! 

When many generations share the ability to sing and play songs together, it helps younger ones develop a valuable but dwindling commodity – a sense of community. Here at Immaculate Heart of Mary, we encourage you to help us enrich our youth by participating in their musical development…

Li'l Hearts & Voices
"Singing is the instinctive language of the child."  (Zoltán Kodaly)
Each Sunday at 11:45 Mass, children between the ages of 5 – 10 are invited during the Liturgy of the Word to a separate space to hear it “broken open” in a way they can easily understand, and to sing a song, which helps them express their emotions in acceptable ways while teaching them teamwork.  They occasionally share these songs when they return after the intercessory prayers so the “adults can benefit spiritually…when children take part in the Mass.”  (“Decree and Directory for Masses with Children” published by Pope Paul VI in 1973)
"Only those who learn to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skills to do difficult things easily."  (Jim Tressel)
Want a little rhythm in your life? Well, at Immaculate Heart of Mary, the beat goes on... and on... and on... Our percussion ensemble is open to kids 4th grade and older, (and adults!) It joins the other ensembles or cantors to accompany selected songs at any of the Masses on a rotating schedule. Weekly rehearsals are Monday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and welcomes both new and experienced percussionists. If you wish to donate a percussion instrument, please visit our HeartBEAT Wish List at Amazon.com


Endow A Scholarship Award!
"Music refreshes us, heart and soul.  It surely enriches children’s lives."  (Hyun-Kyung Youm, Ph.D.)
Interested in encouraging music appreciation to the younger generation of our parish or academy? With the parochial staff, Steven Vaughan, the Director of Music Ministry, can help you create guidelines to award a promising musician with a merit-based stipend named either for yourself or someone you wish to honor. And whether you grant it only once or honor a different recipient anually over several years, even a small amount of generosity not only rewards their efforts, but supports their music education; and invests in both their future and ours.