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We have Finale!

posted Aug 16, 2016, 12:01 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 16, 2016, 12:01 PM ]
Thanks to a parish and pastoral staff that recognizes the importance of music ministry and supports it, we now have Finale® Music Notation Software downloaded on our computer!

For hundreds of years, printed music had been prepared by hand, punching notes into a metal plate backwards, so that when the paper picked up the ink from the depressions, it would appear correctly. Then came music typewriters with notes and dynamic markings rather than letters and numbers, but the finished product didn’t look as good. But the computer has revolutionized music publishing. Now, anywhere printed music appears, (like in our Breaking Bread) Finale® likely created those pages. And now I, like so many other musicians, can create, edit, print and maybe even publish a variety of musical scores.

By purchasing music typesetting software, the parish has made my job easier to make music more accessible. It takes time and effort to arrange music for all our needs, and that comes at the cost of not doing other work, like practicing. But now I don’t have to write out music by hand anymore, or use a laborious slow online computer program! I can make better arrangements for our bell choir, cuori BELLissimi! as well as educational worksheets for them and others. I can make rehearsal recordings for our choir members. I can have parts ready more easily for guest instrumentalists. I can share music files much easier with other members of the Diocesan Music Commission. And because I’m a private music instructor working at a religious institution, we were eligible for a significant discount, saving us about 40% off the retail price! So thank you!