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Mark Price and our Parish Mission

posted Oct 22, 2012, 9:00 AM by Unknown user
In light of all that is happening now; what better time to refocus on spiritual things, or for a renewed look at discovering and growing in our faith?  Mark Price’s portrayals of Biblical characters add a personal dimension that arouses greater interest in scripture and brings to life the message of Christ and the church in a very unique way. 

Mr. Price is an award winning radio commentator, author, business executive, elected community leader and Shakespearean trained actor.  He’s played roles ranging from Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet to Cyrano de Bergerac.  In 1975, he wrote and performed his first one man show; Oscar Wilde - In His Own Words.  He's also performed stand-up in comedy clubs across the nation.

Remember Spencer Tracy's Academy Award winning performance as Fr. Flanagan in Boys Town?  Remember Mickey Rooney's li'l sidekick Pee Wee?  That actor grew up to be a Methodist minister, and in 1983 he encouraged Mark to combine his theater background with his faith based efforts.  Mark took up this challenge and developed his one-man series entitled In Their Own Words.  Since 1984 he has performed these around the world in churches, halls and theaters.

This Monday evening at 7:00 pm we’ll meet his vision of Saint Joseph; a just man, a man of God, a man of dreams, a man who said “yes” to God.  And next to Mary, the one who knew Jesus the best.  But what was Simon Peter like? What did Jesus see in him?  What was it like being an Apostle?  Are there men like him among us today?  Why did he deny knowing Jesus?  Did you know he was married?  How did his wife participate?  Explore these and even more questions Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.

Then on Wednesday at the same time, he’ll present an evening of theological reflection.  “Assuming personal responsibility” has been a reoccurring theme throughout his personal and professional life.  “If not you, then who?” is a question he regularly asks his audiences.  He challenges them to make a difference by expecting to make a difference.  Join us on this journey…