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Increase Our Faith! Increase Our Music!

posted Oct 8, 2010, 10:49 AM by Unknown user

David Haas’ text for Increase Our Faith (originally dedicated to the people of The National Association for Lay Ministry) is taken from Luke 17:5, in which the disciples request an “increase” of faith and Jesus demonstrates spiritual direction on this matter.  Since prayer is at the heart of faith, and music is a form of prayer, this is my request to “increase” our music…


Increase Our Repertoire!  May we learn new hymns in a way that won’t disrupt our worship.  May we soon feel comfortable with new songs, the way we do with those we’ve sung for years.  And may we not just introduce new music for the sake of variety, but to enhance the Liturgy.


Increase Our Instrument’s Quality!  May we find the resources to restore and preserve the character and ingenuity of our organ; so that it retains the reliability required of it.  And may we receive the gift of a piano suited to our needs…


Increase Our Instrumentation!  We give thanks for the organ, piano and guitar we already hear.  May the rhythm of HeartBEAT enhance our sound.  And may other wind, brass or strings join us, either for special occasions or as frequently as they wish, so that ALL instruments may blend together.


Increase Our Participation!  May all of our ensembles be blessed with even more people willing to volunteer their gifts.  May we find a musical setting of the parts of the mass that everyone is comfortable singing.  And during the hymns and songs, may the congregation actively sing or intently listen, but either way reflect on the text, such as this line from Increase Our Faith:


How much more will God give

 to all those who cry from their hearts!