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I'm Waiting for the Great Pumpkin...

posted Oct 30, 2010, 6:55 AM by Unknown user

Once again on Halloween night, I’ll be sitting in the most sincere pumpkin patch I can find, waiting for the Great Pumpkin.  And since I’ve now found the most sincere parish, he’ll just have to bring us gifts!


I know I’m not supposed to ask for anything, and just accept what he brings; but I’m sure he knows how much our pipe organ needs a swell shutter operator.  (That’s the pedal near the bottom that allows the organ to crescendo and decrescendo, or get louder and softer, while playing.)  Or that I want a collection of hymn reharmonizations called 400 Last Verses to enhance our congregational singing.


Of course, the fog might get heavy, so he may be flying blind.  And one pumpkin patch looks an awful lot like any other, so my particular patch may be hard to find.  And maybe he’ll get caught in some kind of holding pattern over Newark!


But maybe someone waiting with me will be willing to donate their baby grand to us, so we can replace our poor little spinet that’s quickly deteriorating.   Or maybe we’ll get an Ocean Drum for the kids in HeartBEAT to play!  Or a wooden CD holder for our new church music library!


Who knows?  But I’ll wait.  And wait.  And my nose might get numb; I’ll probably catch a chill.  And if he doesn’t come (and some don’t think he will) I’ll never wait for him again until… Oh, good grief!  As Bing Crosby would croon,


I’m waiting for the Great Pumpkin,

Just like I always do each year,

‘cause he brings good toys to girls and boys

Who know that he will appear!


I’m waiting for the Great Pumpkin,

And every candle that I light,

Makes my jack-o-lantern burn bright

As I wait (and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…)

Great Pumpkin come tonight!