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Group Piano Lessons this summer?

posted May 19, 2012, 7:44 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 19, 2012, 7:48 AM ]

This summer, I'm offering a fun, educational and affordable group piano class for children, and if there's enough interest, a second one for adults.  A 10-week course of 45-minute weekly lessons will follow a sequential approach to building basic keyboard skills and understanding musical notation.  A small class size of only four students will allow everyone to have a positive experience of learning together. 

For a beginner, group lessons offer benefits private lessons can't, and they're more fun and relaxing!  Exercises developing tonal and rhythmic patterns (the building blocks of music) work better in a group.  Groups focus more on an aural approach to music literacy, and combined with the visual and theoretical aspects individual lessons emphasize, provide the foundation to be successful in continued private or group study.  Learning keyboard also benefits anyone studying another instrument.  And they – violinists, flutists, trumpeters – usually begin playing in a group context, so why not keyboardists?  I did!

For kids, it doubles as a way of introducing them to an instrument as well as new potential friends; and is helpful if they want to learn a musical instrument to gain approval or social status.  Many adults seek out group lessons as much for the social setting as their passion for music; and costing less than private instruction helps, too.  And persons in either group may have a friend they want to study with!    Because a group approach is more recreational, it's especially appropriate for younger kids and older adults who don't have the dexterity to develop finer instrumental skills.  And learning to play regularly in front of your peers can reduce performance anxiety. 

If interested, please contact me to see if you can be part of an appropriate “quartet.”  Classes will start mid-June on Saturday afternoons in the air-conditioned Good Shepherd.   The $175 fee (that's only $17.50 a lesson!) includes instruction books and keyboards to play during the lesson, but each student will need their own keyboard to practice on.