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Come, Join the Dance of Trinity

posted May 25, 2013, 1:05 PM by Unknown user
“The Holy Spirit is leading us to our future, not by marching forward, but as in a dance” says Australia’s Good Samaritan Sister Verna Holyhead. “Theology has developed a word to describe the dynamic relationship between the Persons of the Trinity and the community of believers – perichoresis, or ‘dance.’ The Trinity is encircling and embracing us; a graceful movement of loving attentiveness into which we are invited as partners who must, in our turn, draw others in the dance by our loving outreach to them.”

Come, join the dance of Trinity, before all worlds begun-
the interweaving of the three, the Father, Spirit, Son.
The universe of space and time did not arise by chance,
but as the Three, in love and hope, made room within their dance.

Judith M. Kubicki, CSSF, PhD, associate professor of theology at Fordham University explains that Richard Leach’s hymn text “begins by inviting everyone to join in the dance.” Not a solo or couples dance, but “group dancing similar to the circle dance. This is the dance of God, described as ‘interweaving’ and ‘making room’ for all worlds created by God. One of the strengths of the text is its ability to provide us with a bodily experience of an incomprehensible mystery. Because the theology of the Trinity can be esoteric or intimidating, we might be tempted to believe that it has little to do with our everyday life. This text clearly says that such is not the case.”

Come, see the face of Trinity, newborn in Bethlehem;
then bloodied by a crown of thorns outside Jerusalem.
The dance of Trinity is meant for human flesh and bone;
when fear confines the dance in death, God rolls away the stone.

In GIA hymnals, this text is set to the Irish tune THE FLIGHT OF THE EARLS; though in others it’s sung to KINGSFOLD, (rearranged in a waltz-like rhythm) which is also the tune for I Heard the Voice of Jesus.

Come, speak aloud of Trinity, as wind and tongues of flame
set people free at Pentecost to tell the Savior’s name…
…Let voices rise and interweave, by love and hope set free,
to shape in song this joy, this life: the dance of Trinity.