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A Season of Workshops...

posted May 21, 2011, 5:16 AM by Unknown user

Last week, the Music Commission of the Diocese of Brooklyn gathered musicians together for an interesting workshop called Praying More Deeply.  Msgr. Anthony Sherman, Former Director of the U.S. Bishops' Secretariat for Divine Worship led us through the history and development of the revised Roman Missal.  Fr. Frank Tumino, Director of Liturgy for the Diocese of Brooklyn shared his insights on the implementation process to aid us in bringing this revision to our parishes on the first Sunday of Advent.  They discussed how these changes affect those in Music Ministry as well as those in the pews; and how this is an opportunity to deepen our parish's communal prayer.  Afterwards, we sang through various settings of the new Mass Propers.

Another one, And With Your Spirit, is on June 13th.  Anyone involved in Music Ministry needs to attend as many of these as possible.  As Fr. Ronald Brassard says in Today's Liturgy, “We cannot lead others in prayer unless we have first allowed God's Spirit to enter our hearts and prepare us to pray publicly for our people.”  We must examine within ourselves how we can be catechetical agents for unity and willingness during this time of change, and remind ourselves that music fosters oneness of spirit; adds delight to prayer; invests the rites with greater solemnity and should give the liturgical celebration a nobler aspect.

Next year's Breaking Bread will contain four new Mass settings of the revised text.  (A “Mass setting” refers to the music composed for certain parts of the Liturgy.)  Getting to change the setting we sing will offer us an opportunity to sing our parts of the Mass with renewed vigor.   If you visit the New Mass Setting page, you'll find brief descriptions of these four choices, with links to pages where you can listen to samples of them.  On Thursday evening, June 16, the Liturgy Committee and Music Ministry invite you to a picnic, and just like a “reality show”, we're going to eliminate one of these four as we prepare to present the remaining three to the parish for consideration.