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A Musician's Letter to Santa Claus...

posted Dec 1, 2012, 2:33 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 8:52 PM ]
Dear Santa:

I know Christmas is about giving, so what if I give you a song in exchange for some presents?  Is that fair?  I try to play good, I think.  Mostly.  I know you’re busy, so to make things easier, log into Amazon.com, and under Wish Lists, type my name, Steven Vaughan, and you’ll find a list called Christmas Wishes.  Of course, if you’re too busy to read my list, just please send one of everything.

I’m not the only one who’s been good.  So there’s a few things on the list for the new cuori BELLissimi! who have been very good this year.  Mostly.  They played well for the opening of children’s Faith Formation classes and at Mass, and they didn’t really mean to drop that bell in the middle of the Prayers of the Faithful.  Of course, that might not have happened if they had a set of real handbells, ‘cause they’re so much heavier.  I’ll keep looking, but see what you can do to help?  These kids only mess around at rehearsal a little, but they’re trying their best, and isn’t that what counts?

Do you say “Ho! Ho! Ho!” so you don’t have to keep changing languages so fast?  Or are you warming up to sing like the choir does?  The choirs been good, too.  Mostly.  Have you heard them lately?  Maybe you can send something for them?

There’s also a couple reference books on the list, since I try to write things here people want to read.  Mostly.  And since someone donated a new bookshelf to Music Ministry’s office, it’d be nice to have a couple books on the shelves for the parish’s music library.

And Santa, can you please help all the children that can’t go home this year have a good Christmas with something really good to eat and maybe a small toy for them to love?  That’s really what I want.  Mostly.