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Ah, men...

posted Oct 17, 2011, 6:36 AM by Unknown user
This Monday, October 17, will be the first choir rehearsal this season, and everyone is invited to attend and check it out without any obligation, especially men.

Did you know that  the ancient art of singing can enhance your well-being, reduce your feelings of pain and even prolong your life?  Using your voice to sing, rather than simply carry out a conversation, offers unique health benefits. Studies have linked singing with a lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, improved lung capacity, higher energy levels, better posture and reduced stress.  They've also found it enhances immunity.  The University of Frankfurt in Germany found that choir members had higher levels of immunoglobulin A and cortisol – markers of enhanced immunity – after they sang Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor then before.  Just listening to the music did not have this effect.

Besides the benefits of well-being, choir is a community activity where you will have the opportunity to work with like-minded people as a team.  So if you sing in the car or the shower, why not do it with other people?  (Sing, not shower!)  Like any team, it's about collaboration, training together, mutual support, etc.  Everyone wants to be on a good team.  Well, the bigger and more balanced we are, the better we'll sound.   So, sing to win!  And as you are challenged to learn new material and improve your technique and skills, you'll experience a sense of achievement. 

Don't worry that you're not good enough and will “fail” or embarrass yourself.  You don't need any musical experience or knowledge, and nobody new will be asked to sing a solo.  It's OK to come and just listen.  Learning to listen to music effectively is the first step in better singing.  There's also no need to make any long term commitment.  New members are encouraged to sing when they can.  And anyone who wishes to come sing is welcome to attend any of the evening rehearsals, even if you can't commit to singing with the choir on Sundays.