In 2014, we started presenting an annual event called
 #young@heartIt's a musical recital and art exhibit of young people here at the “Heart” of Brooklyn. We provide high school or college students studying the arts as well as accomplished young adults beginning their professional careers something that can be difficult to come by in New York City: performance and exhibition opportunities where they can choose what they want to perform or display. A few of them have been from our own parish, but most of them graciously travel from all over the city to come here, bringing with them a wide array of incredibly diverse artistic and musical styles.

In Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, the US Bishops pointed out youth ministry is more than programs and events. It is “the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people, and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community.” Immaculate Heart of Mary is a parish that supports the gracious endeavors of these talented young people as they share their artistic pursuits with us! And it's a great opportunity for us to catch some rising stars, and say we heard them when their careers were just beginning!

If you know an extremely talented young musician who might be interested in performing with us, attached below is all the information they'll need in one easy page. Download and share it with them!

Friday, January 26, 2018

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The Fifth Annual #young@heart will be presented Friday, January 26, 2018 at 7:30 PM. It's free, though a goodwill offering will be collected.

The Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians states “Concerts given in churches are desirable manifestations of the sacredness of art, the evangelical mission of the Church, and an exemplary form of outreach to the community. Properly prepared and performed, such concerts give witness to the Gospel by addressing poverty of spirit through the unique power of music to inspire, elevate, teach, and heal.” These gifted young performers will be “properly prepared", so since they’re doing their part, can you do yours? Do more than just think about whether you’re able to attend. Participate in “the evangelical mission of the Church” and help spread the word! Invite a neighbor, even if you can’t come. As “an exemplary form of outreach to the community” tell at least one person who doesn’t attend church here. Spread the news and the joy of music...


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The Fourth Annual #young@heart was presented Friday, February 10, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Five of our parishioners performed: Phillip Milbouer played the harp, Jesse Broome played flute, Connor Whelan played piano and Scott and Donna Tran played violins! Additionally, John Battagliese and last year’s Nate Irvin sang and Natalie Wang played the organ. And again we’re featured young@art! Students from the Churchill School and Center had works of visual art on display!

Read the attached program for more information...


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The Third Annual #young@heart was presented Saturday, January 16 at 7:30 PMTwo of our own parishioners performed: Phillip Milbouer played the harp and Jesse Broome played the flute. Evan Rodolfo Katsefes, from St. Luke's, who sang for Pope Francis when he was here, sang. Peter Damour from St. Clare's sang. Anthony Serrao, the gifted young music director at the Basilica of St. James' Cathedral played an organ solo. Joseph Anthony, the youngest member of the National Chorale sang. And for the first time, we featured young@art! Students from the Churchill School and Center had works of visual art on display as well!

Read the attached program for more information...


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The second annual #young@heart was on January 25, 2015, just thirteen months after the inaugural concert. This one was a benefit to help pilgrims pay to attend World Youth Day which takes place in Krakow, Poland in 2016. 
NetTV produced this video for its television show Currents

Musicians included vocalists, pianists, an organist, clarinetist and cellist. They were Phil Vincent Castanares; Hannah Rose DeFlumeri; Carlo Gallego; Simone Goubert; Evan Rodolfo Katsefes; Benjamin Larson; Nikole Marone; Samuel Marques; Anthony Serrao and DeAnne Stewart. They performed a wide selections of titles, from a Schubert lieder to Chopin nocturnes; George Gershwin's Summertime from "Porgy and Bess"; John Lennon's Imagine and Let It Go from "Frozen".

 A PDF of the program is attached below.


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Our inaugural #young@heart was in December, 2013; as a Christmas concert followed by our 9th Annual Lighting of Trees and Angels. Over 300 people attended, and we were fortunate to have several very talented performers on the debut of this series. Nicholas Goldrosen and Connor Whelan played two Baroque pieces for organ and trumpet; Bach's Air from "Orchestral Suite in D major", BWV 1068 and Handel's Trumpet Tune. Boy soprano Mario Pinto from St. Athanasius parish sang the Italian aria Caro mio ben

Seasonal selections included the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts singing and signing in American Sign Language Silent Night. The highlight of the evening were three young ladies beginning their professional career. Joanna Sanges sang I Wonder as I Wander, Gesù bambino and O Holy Night. DeAnne Stewart delighted us with Kelly Clarkson's Winter Dreams and Whitney Houston's Who Would Imagine a King. Hannah Rose DeFlumeri sang Do You Hear What I Hear? And our own handbell choir, cuori BELLissimi! rang carols on the front steps of the church!

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